RStudio Teaching in Production

A 2-hour workshop for RStudio certified trainers on how to make shareable slides and websites with R Markdown.

Introduction to Machine Learning with the Tidyverse

Introducing the basics of machine learning in R using tidymodels

R Markdown for Medicine Workshop

Using R Markdown in an end-to-end workflow to go from data to manuscript

R Markdown for Medicine

A four-hour workshop that will take you on a tour of how to get from data to manuscript using R Markdown.

Summer of blogdown: Day 04

Putting the finishing touches on your blogdown site

Summer of blogdown: Day 03

Keeping up with your content

Summer of blogdown: Day 02

Personalizing your blogdown site

Summer of blogdown: Day 01

Create and deploy our first blogdown site "out-of-the-box"

Meet blogdown

Making websites in R Markdown

Meet bookdown

Making books in R Markdown