How I Taught Tidymodels, Virtually

Some reflections on my third time teaching tidymodels for machine learning, and doing it virtually.

How I Teach R Markdown

A handful of guiding principles for introducing beginners to the R Markdown family of packages.

Sharing on Short Notice

How to get your materials online on short notice.

Communicating with R Markdown Workshop

A workshop for R Markdown users who want to get more out of R Markdown (and friends).

R Markdown for Medicine Workshop

Using R Markdown in an end-to-end workflow to go from data to manuscript

Meet blogdown

Making websites in R Markdown

Meet bookdown

Making books in R Markdown

Meet flexdashboard

Making dashboards in R Markdown

Meet xaringan

Making slides in R Markdown

Advanced R Markdown

A two-day workshop for those who want to take their R Markdown skills to the next level