Plot Twist: 10 Bake Offs, Visualized 11 Ways

Making it tidy isn't the end of your data's story...

The Art of Literate Projecting

“Literate programming” is an approach to writing software programs that weaves together the source code and documentation at the time of creation. The idea is to create programs that are easier for users to understand. But they are also easier for programmers to work on and maintain. In this talk, I will describe how data scientists can be inspired by this programming approach and start what I refer to as “literate projecting.

Communicating with R Markdown Workshop

A workshop for R Markdown users who want to get more out of R Markdown (and friends).

Take a Sad Plot & Make It Better

How I took one sad plot and made it better, and what I learned from it.

Teaching Students to Talk about Data Science

Practical advice for educators to strengthen data science communication skills in the classroom