Introduce yourself online

A special workshop for rstudio::global() diversity scholars

Up & running with blogdown in 2021

New year, new blogdown! A guide to getting up and running with blogdown, the Hugo Wowchemy starter-academic theme, GitHub, and Netlify. Not brief.

Unbreak your blogdown site

The latest release of the blogdown package (not yet on CRAN) includes new checking functions to help users make less breakable Hugo sites.

A Spoonful of Hugo: How much Hugo do I need to know?

When and why you need to learn Hugo as an R blogdown user.

The central location for learning and using the tidymodels R packages

Introduction to Machine Learning with the Tidyverse

Introducing the basics of machine learning in R using tidymodels

All about learning and teaching data science

Summer of blogdown: Day 04

Putting the finishing touches on your blogdown site

Summer of blogdown: Day 03

Keeping up with your content

Summer of blogdown: Day 02

Personalizing your blogdown site