Distill for R Markdown is a web publishing format optimized for scientific and technical communication.

RStudio Teaching in Production

A 2-hour workshop for RStudio certified trainers on how to make shareable slides and websites with R Markdown.


An R data package with data about 3 penguin species from the Palmer Station in Antarctica

A comprehensive course in data wrangling, exploration, and analysis with R

The central location for learning and using the tidymodels R packages

Introduction to Machine Learning with the Tidyverse

Introducing the basics of machine learning in R using tidymodels

All about learning and teaching data science

R Markdown for Medicine

A four-hour workshop that will take you on a tour of how to get from data to manuscript using R Markdown.

Hugo Graphite

A Hugo theme for RStudio teams (Education, Tidyverse, Tidymodels)


An OHSU Open Science Workshop on tools and methods for building transparency within a lab

Up & Running with blogdown

A workshop to get up and running with blogdown, GitHub, and Netlify

Code Your Graph Workshop

A workshop on visualizing your data with ggplot2 and matplotlib

Advanced R Markdown

A two-day workshop for those who want to take their R Markdown skills to the next level


An R data package with data from “The Great British Bake Off”

blogdown: Creating Websites with R Markdown

A practical guide for creating websites using the blogdown package in R

Introduction to Data Wrangling, Analysis, & Communication

A 12-week introductory course that teaches students how to gain and communicate insights from biomedical data

Principles & Practice of Data Visualization

A 12-week introduction to data visualization with hands-on labs using R and ggplot2

Probability & Statistics for Scientists and Engineers

A 12-week introduction to fundamental concepts underlying statistical data display, analysis, inference, and statistical decision making

RLadies xaringan theme

An RLadies theme for slides made with the xaringan R package

Summer of blogdown

A week of the blogdown R package for RStudio’s summer 2019 interns