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Advanced R Markdown

This two-day workshop iss designed for those who want to take their R Markdown skills to the next level. We’ll talk about many low-level details in the rmarkdown package and the whole R Markdown ecosystem. The two goals of this workshop are: 1) learn how to fully customize R Markdown output (HTML, LaTeX/PDF, Word, and PowerPoint); and 2) learn more about existing R Markdown extensions in the ecosystem, such as flexdashboard, bookdown, blogdown, pkgdown, xaringan, rticles, and learnr. We will also talk about how to use or develop new language engines (languages that are not R), how to develop HTML widgets, and integrate Shiny with R Markdown.

See the workshop website for more, and links to individual slides below.

Alison Hill
Data Scientist & Professional Educator

I’m a developmental psychologist, former NIH Principal Investigator, and autism researcher who loves programming.


Making websites in R Markdown

Making books in R Markdown

Making dashboards in R Markdown

Making slides in R Markdown